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Only you can tell you you're doing the right thing and I KNOW you KNOW how to hear THAT VOICE!

Our time here is so short. Gmo's, HAARP, all kinds of info. about the insanity going on in our world and the position, truly poised for mass apocalypse we have placed ourselves in serves beautifully to inspire me even MORE to use my moments/ my capacity for being True, Loving and giving WELL!!! Time is short!!! What could mean more to you and how could you give more than being "The Love Artist?" You seem to be perfectly on Course to me!!! But again, so what, it's only living your joy and inspiration, the giving of YOUR GIFT that counts! And only YOU know what that is!

Cycles are natural too. We give soooooooooooooo much in phases and then need recharge, like a battery. I love being on recharge, it's sooooooooo peaceful and quiet and I know those stretches are clarifying me, strengthening me, and preparing me to give always MORE and GREATER. I wish you so much joy and continued awareness of how very blessed you are......

With Love Always,


Thank you. KEEP GOING.

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