yes, I will love you too


love ephemera et al

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i needed that.. ♥


i also needed to sit next to you that last round.. i realized it in the end.. thank you.. you reminded me of something i needed to do ~ go inwards and work on my self.. ♥


Thank you<3

the love artist

oh! such an honor to pray with you beauties!!!!


wow... this was so moving. crying....


Thank you for this. Learning lots of songs now and it is such a strange journey....languages that bump up against eachother. I want someone to teach me the Chumash grandmother's song because those were the people who lived on the land where I grew up. Songs enter me and leave and I have not kept them. I realize this is something I have done with other things in my life and is something I want to change. I want to keep the songs I learn in my heart.

the love artist

bett, i'm gonna teach you some songs that you you are gonna keep, promise


thank you love, and I'll be thinking/feeling of you on your vision quest.

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