yes, I will love you too


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April 12, 2007



I can see why so many would feel giddy and helpless with those words when in the company of the AFTMEMIS and his daughters. Also, i find myself saying 'I love you' and fully meaning it, with the meaning of it that I know in my head, at that time. I am aware when saying it that it could mean more in the future, but i let it just mean what it means to me be, for the time I say it. I don't feel that this is deceitful, but I can see that another's idea of what it might mean might not meet directly with mine. Mostly I explain what I mean when I first say it, to avoid confusion or panic. But some people still panic. But then, some people think they think something, when, as Kathe says, they are caught up in something else, and those words serve as their outlet for it.
The AFTMEMIS already answered his own question though, when he said he should just relax and see what happens.All becomes clear.

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