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April 16, 2007



dear love artist im feeling so raw and vunerable exploring this new position allowing/trusting to let the love come to me, i have spent most of my life going for it..more control..less risk..what if the love doesnt come..yikes! this huge raw truth about my m.o. of love came when you so lovingly pointed out to me that i was always being the kisser versus the kissee...letting the kiss/love come to me sounds simple but it has rocked my world...heartbreaking open.. any tips for staying with the process even when it hurts ? pdaddy


Dearest Love Artist,
What else could it be...the only thing .....
Go Deeper and Further into the lap of Love
It's dark and scarey to let go of the familiar protection
It is there for us to let go and feel the freedom burst and explode
It also feels like a pitch black room that has a small speck of light
That small speck of light will lead
I will follow

Love U
Loving U


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