yes, I will love you too


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April 29, 2007



sincerely, thank you. i love you. C x

State of Flux

Everyone wants to be a snowflake. Unique and amazing. The truth is...we all are snow flakes. As warm and fuzzy as I might feel inside when my Beau looks deeply into my eyes and proclaims his affection, what happens the next moment when he's no longer infront of me? Do I cease to be special? It is our unique experiences that make us special. It's the knowing that no one will ever touch me in the same exact way you've touched me. No one will ever kiss me in exactly the same way you have kissed me - not even you. Want to feel special, safe,loved? Look closely at the snowflake, at your heart, your soul, your being and be prepared to be amazed! Love won't make us speical. It is the awareness of our authentic selfs that makes love special.

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