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October 07, 2007



Dear Love Artist,
Is it strange that what you were saying about the need to grow is exactly what I’ve been thinking about recently too? After all what else can you do? You asked for participants experiences after the Chelsea Hotel and I wanted to remember mine, hope I this counts. I remember that during my date you told me about how Mr. Daddy turned up at the yoga class you were teaching. How he was the only student in your class and you ended the session with the corpse position.I was so high after my date with you that I knew I had to come down and so I thought I would try to find William Blake’s grave and do something similar.I walked through Hoxton Square and I met an all night party person and he asked me what had I been taking because he wanted some. There was an Indian wedding at the town hall and women dressed in brightly colored saris and men garlanded with flowers. I got to Bunhill Fields thinking that I would only be able to make an approximate guess at the location of the grave because the graveyard has been turned into a recreational park. But that it didn’t matter because my intention was so strong.
There was a group of people around a chessboard by the gardener’s hut drinking coffee. I wandered towards them and told them about my love appointment and that I wanted to lie on Blake’s grave but that I would just have to improvise the location. The gardener told me I wouldn’t have to guess because the exact grave location had just been found and he took me to a place that was marked with a penny. He invited me to join them for coffee after I had finished. I lay on the grave and in my minds eye I saw two angelic pillars of golden light spring up around me on either side. I had the notion that it was as if these angels didn’t want to show their full amazing presence incase it scared me. Needless to say I was higher than ever and I felt the compulsion to jump up and have the coffee. I sat and chatted with the group of people and over head a butterfly circled. I thought that it would be funny if it landed on me and of course it did. Right on my hand! We all met up later and Mr. Daddy said the butterfly thing was auspicious.
Oh, and I had a dream about you the other night. You were holding me in your arms in the kind of embrace that you know is mutual, exhilarating, tender, genuine, nurturing, fills you with life, love etc. I was in bliss and though I knew I was one of many I also knew I was the only one. It was transient but I thought I want to feel more like this more of the time.
I love you love artist.
Fran x

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