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October 08, 2007



Now I wouldn`t call the champagne cheap and I wouldn`t call the champagne expensive...I would call the champagne just right...and I wouldn't call the kids . . as they are of legal age... yet I wouldn`t call them adults we were having so much fun...we almost got in trouble with mama love artist...and that's half the fun anyway....of course I wouldn`t call myself an adult either...which sets me free to be out on 23rd st. buying champagne, chocolates, and chicken wings for the love artist and her crew... which brings up the question who am I or rather it what am I ??? One of the first levels of initation in Tibetan Buddism is Taking the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sanga . . . a beautiful concept and ceremony. . . at the end of the initiation the teacher gives you your dharma name . . . the name i was given at the time . . . this was 25 yrs. ago by the way . . . was Ocean of Generosity . . . .Now thats who I`d like to be or is it that`s what I`d like to be. . . and that`s how I ended up at the Chelsea Hotel . . . loving the love artist and her crew with champagne, chocolate, and chicken wings . . . .They say there are many paths to enlightenment . . . Being With What Is . . . . Is One . . for sure . . and remembering We Are One . . . is another . . . this weeks lesson on how to love a love artist . . xxxPdaddy

the love artist

& now you are initiated as mr. Pdaddy by me & i love you beyond beyond beyond . .

mr pdaddy ocean of generosity & then some

xxxxx tla

the love artist

& i must have done something ultra super good somewhere somewhere . .

xxx tla

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