yes, I will love you too


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February 08, 2008



Thank you.
This was really beautiful.



*** . . . but the truth is, that in the long run, love makes the pain (in the body) worse

it begins to remind us of all the places we have held onto hope

hope that there will be an easier way

hope that we will finally be cherished

like we know we deserve to be

love makes the body ache in the almost ridiculously sad & tragic places where love has not (seemingly) been able to grown before

but has maybe been growing there more than anywhere else

more than ever before

it is in the truth of the gorgeousness . . .

valdez the sinner



Thank you for this
Really Right ON
I referred it in my blog...
xoxoxoxox love you

the love artist

you guys make me so happy

& just cause i'm sayin bliss so much these days

certainly doesn't cheapen my bliss & love for you

way in love xxx tla

linda v

i can only...echo...Wayne. WOW> WOW>WOW.
I am speechless. this the whole of the law, here. in this blog. here. you could publish this, this alone, and it would change the world.
Thank you Kathe, thank you so so so much!

Eternal love



You are beautiful, and I love you for being. All your writings brought me a sense of peace tonight. Thank you. I always need to be reminded of that pause so necessary to observe in order to really take responsibility for the impact I make on myself and the world, as I can't escape either, and why would I want to! Speaking to you was wonderful, and seeing you will be too! Can't wait.

Love Daisy

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