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February 06, 2008



amazing amazing post.
Yesterday I was all about the compulsiveness. This is just what I needed to read.


oh, thank you so much for this! what a good book. i've said it before and i'll sayit again - that book should be mandatory for humans. your post came at the perfect time, miz chronicity.

the love artist

thanks for the validation chicas

yr comrade in arms x the love artist

ms bruno

Thank you!


Interesting because in periods of 'loss' - I've been able to be the 'stillest'
I'm in a vast space right now and am refraining from certain behaviors because I don't want to create cords/bonds with people too soon. Done that in the past and they can be hard to break. Thank you for always being provocative with your words (and life)

a peacock!

*sigh of recognition*
I love you.
a peacock!

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