yes, I will love you too


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March 20, 2008


linda v

So beautiful. This Light. That we are starting to see thru...
Come home soon. We need you.

Love eternal



that's gorgeous tla. i've been feeling my own heart soften. too much to say why now. but so very glad to know you are always there showing up loving. xxoo


(even though..i wasn't sure..i taught myself..with my heart..see..)xo

When under ether

The ceiling is moving
Moving in time
Like a conveyor belt
Above my eyes

When under ether
The mind comes alive
But conscious of nothing
But the will to survive

I lay on the bed
Waist down undressed
Look up at the ceiling
Feeling happiness

Human kindness

The woman beside me
Is holding my hand
I point at the ceiling
She smiles, so kind

Something's inside me
Unborn and unblessed
Disappears in the ether
This world to the next
Disappears in the ether
One world to the next

Human kindness


thinking of you in your homestretch... sending lots of love & can't wait to see you. xoxoxoo

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