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April 04, 2008



that's beautiful truly. i'm now working with 'developmentally disable' adults and i'm going to see how i can use this with them. i think they feel stuck and frustrated and thus act out.
thank you for this. xxoo

the love artist

i'm working on a curriculum for this . . i have some writings/exercises i could share with you, perhaps you could adapt them for your community

xx tla

m a riccardi

This is intriguing...I teach English and writing in a high school where there is tremendous pressure to "achieve"--all with material goals in mind: the brand-name college, the high income, etc. When I offer my students chances to be present, I am sometimes met with bewilderment (at best) and derision (at worst), by the kids AND the adults! Still, it feels valuable, and very necessary. I'd love to learn more about what you do...

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