yes, I will love you too


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April 16, 2008


linda v

are so

Thank you......

Yeah baby!
Im awake for

the love artist

yeah baby

you got that right


x tla

ms bruno

Honestly, you are a long lost soul of love.
Thanks for that.
I believe and live your words.
one of your soul mates, (as in love not the person!)


but if i love love, and not the person....i suppose that is very safe, because love does not fail, but people do...i feel like i miss something, if i do not love a person...i'm confused.


the love artist

love is certainly confusing

you can love a person of course, but the trouble is in the expectation of the love being returned, at all, or in a specific fashion or time frame

if you love love, you have this equal opportunity approach to love, where the love is unconditional (this includes yourself as well as the intended beloved & all the innocent bystanders) then even if you are abandoned or hurt, you are loved & you are able to still love

of course this is one of those things that you have to act as if you know what you are doing for a long time before you get it completely but it does feel good in small increments right away & it is really worth it

cause then if you love love, you are love & you are always loved, you are always held

xox the love artist

the love artist

if you only experience love through another

you are never free

love becomes bondage & you are always cranky


hmm, i feel like i experience love in a variety of different ways, the most interesting being the love i feel for my students. I do definitely love my students, care for them, hope that my actions bode well, that I teach good lessons.

I think about this alot, the love I feel for the little children is not always easy, in fact I think I love the ones that give me the most challenge very much.


the love artist

good work muffin

today you are my favorite



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