yes, I will love you too


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May 02, 2008


linda v

Yes darling....tis so clear that they are all one and the same.
you are doing such immense, powerful work Kath!!!
mucho love and respect


you are locked in their secret boxes forever. everytime they open it you will feel their love.

ms bruno

I love this thought:

i could feel myself containing them. i didn't realize i was doing it until later when i was so very tired, completely wrecked (although high high high, exhilarated). i realized that i was psychically keeping the concentration for them, every time they resisted, every time they were scared, every time they didn't know what to do or say

THat is what a teacher is and something that is so hard to describe about what being a teacher is.

I love you more. Thanks.

the love artist

wow, you guys are making me feel special today ;) xxxox tla

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