yes, I will love you too


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June 11, 2008



i love Blondie...i saw her when i was friends and i were walking down sunset , and Joey Ramone came out of a van and said hey you guys like punk rock..which of course we did ( maybe the mohawks and colored hair gave us away) . He said he wanted some young punk rockers to come to the show at the hollywood bowl. So he said just come to the ticket counter and pickup free tickets for all of us (4 ) . We thought he was just kidding , but as it turns out he wasn't ...and we got to sit in the front row next to his sister and see Blondie who was the opener and the Ramones!
so i will include this additional...
Thank you universe for your extreme awesomeness...
I love YOU!

the love artist

of course joey ramone would love you


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