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June 06, 2008


tilly devine

i have no idea what that means but it sounds good:)


yesterday...i sat outside...i thought of you...and one word came to my mind...PERFECT...YOU ARE PERFECT...



The best ideal for spiritual concentration would be concentration upon a perfect soul. No doubt, no one with any spiritual perfection has ever been able to claim perfection, and therefore a claim of perfection cannot be relied upon. And the opinion that people have formed about a perfect soul has been formed by the help of some religious traditions or some old history which has the favors and disfavors of the narrator and writer. It becomes a part of one's faith and belief of one's ancestors, when one forms a perfect ideal in his mind and calls it by a certain accepted name.

If we were to point to a certain messenger or teacher as the most perfect, all the world would never agree on this point since the followers of each faith regard their teacher as the most perfect. Even with the broadest outlook on this problem as the Sufi holds, who considers all the great teachers of humanity to be one soul in many garbs, the question arises then in which garb he attained perfection. And there comes again a question of dispute and arguments on the life of the teachers, and everyone, even agreeing with this point of view, would be ready to point out his favored one as having reached perfection. And dispute on this matter will never bring about a proper understanding, and on this point there will always remain a difference of opinion.

No doubt, the one who rises above the ordinary conception of things certainly realizes, "It is not the man of tradition or history who is perfect, it is the soul whom my devotion makes perfect, who is perfect." And there remains no place for dispute, since in every soul there is the perfect Creator and every soul has the capability of creating the perfect ideal. It does not matter what name the ideal is given, but it is the same ideal of perfection whom others call by various names.

It is recognizing perfection that is necessary, although the condition is that perfection cannot become intelligible to us unless we make it imperfect by giving it a name or a form. It is necessary for concentration that there should be some name or form to begin with, and yet when concentration is developed, the Sufi begins to forget the name and form. It is the beauty of perfection in the form of virtues or merits that remains in his thought when he concentrates upon Rasul, his ideal of devotion.

the love artist

(bowed head)


wednesday f kennedy

that's a love letter:)
I agree

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