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June 27, 2008


wednesday f kennedy

"when you have been a pretty girl as long as me, sometimes you need a break from belonging to the world"

how could you have hurt his feelings with that funny gorgeous line?

oh who cares....imagining the whole thing, down to the slept in couture
too divine:)

the love artist

you have been very encouraging coach

in more ways than you could imagine

tho i took it kicking & screaming a bit (inside, no one could tell but it was a tussle)

come back later, you're gonna be all over the place ;)

love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the love artist

oh & the only thing about hurting his feelings that i regretted was THAT I HAD LET IT GO ON THAT LONG without edifying him when it was so utterly boring & annoying . . . peace & love sister

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