yes, I will love you too


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June 13, 2008



Holy crap, TLA, HOLY CRAP! It's only 9:30 and already you've figured out the shape of my misery and sent it packing [should I choose].

You may write about my life any day of the week, thankyouverymuch. You have a much clearer take on it than I do.

the love artist

you don't know how much i love you

& all that without ever having laid eyes on you, beautiful one



Feels like the first time- the very first time... is that Journey?

I'm reading this as 'me' but also thinking of one of the young women in the group home i work in - faking seizures as a way to get attention and be special

Trying to talk to her about her feelings- trying to get her to understand

the power that seems to be limiting you - is the power that will liberate you

how to get it into words she will understand?

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