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June 03, 2008


valdez the sinner

applied not only to love-i needed this today-and shall apply it daily like a balm-like a mushroom -like a meditation -like a drink-like a breath-like an exhale-like a shower-action truly does prevail-even bad action prevails sooner or later- thaxs for sharing-your action prevailed and reached my brain in a timely manner.xxxvaldez

mr fisher

Resurrection of The Prince Within

And when the prince has toured the world
In search of the glory that he had lost,
Led astray by the illusions of his ego,
He comes to the threshold of reality
Always and ever waiting for his knock.

And when the prince abandons his ego,
And in humility accepts his fallacies,
He unburdens his mind of its illusions
And open in him a room for revelation
Of that which has hitherto been in him.

And thus in humbling of the little self,
The prince is exalted to higher realms,
Where he shall unite in identification,
With the true self and essence he truly is,
Always have been and always will be.

Oliver Mbamara © 2003

the love artist


thank you my sweet mr fisher

. . .always & ever waiting for his knock . .

. . you can only return to your homeland as a NEW YOU . . .

. . . the resurrection not the birth . .

yummy exciting i am a lucky/happy girl today

hold onto your seats

"buy the ticket take the ride" hunter thompson xox tla

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