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July 19, 2008



I'm borrowing the Reggie Leach one.

TLA, I truly feel in the midst of a desert both literally and metaphorically and am not 'on fire' so I will find a match and follow Reggie.

the love artist

despite all appearances & protestations, i am not on fire either denise, but i know what must be done & i am in warrior mode today

that said i am also be careful of my agendas: why do i want what i want?


the love artist

& letting the soft animal inside of me be what it was born to be

(to bastardize mary oliver) xo


This video is lovely and refreshing, and I think so true in many ways... xo baby greasy G


I'm in a place of not knowing what I want. Which I guess is 'freeing' in some ways - but I feel like I'm moving all over the place 'looking for something' that I can not name. I've moved cities 4 times in 5 years and apartments way more than that.

It (and I) feel stagnant here but how do I know moving will make it any better.

I feel very tired and alone and this is very unlike 'me'- which means there must be a 'lesson' but I just want a hug?

the love artist

in lieu of a real hug, try this:

gratitude: look at what you love about life right now (& I don't know you but i bet there is a list & an answer there)


I'm going to do this tonight. Thanks.

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