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July 17, 2008


wednesday f kennedy

he sounds sorta creepy:(

the love artist

not really, just another day at the office (tipi) . . real & vulnerable . . human . . it makes a difference when you can see into someone's eyes, email lacks pathos

we're all damaged, all beautiful



You write "I am not a health professional" - which yes is true. But do you ever feel like one of those balms or salves that pulls the pain right to the surface to help it leave? That's the sense I got reading this mans letter.

I don't know. I hear you on the 'revealing so much information puts pressure on a woman' and i also think revelaing no information does the same thing. Funny the different ways we bleed.

the love artist

i do pull it out & i'm just glad i own it now cause i can move it through me & we're all better for it

& i also feel a whole lot better, & more toned up emo-wise, than when i was trying to keep the bleeding at bay

like a finger in the dike

love you denise xpx


I remember a profound moment I had in a Catholic Church looking at a statue of the Pieta and thinking we're not supposed to 'rise above' our wounds- but to show our wounds, know we have wounds and still love, the wounds are what made us and Christ human, no?

(not saying 'cling to the wounds' just not try to pretend they're not there)

the love artist

as with just about anything that makes us uncomfortable, it's probably better not to rush (away) if possible, there's motherloads of info & intimacy there, humanity . . i think the difference is detachment, to witness

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