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July 16, 2008



Love that photo. And there you are "Is that a banana in your pocket or ...."

Thanks for making me smile.

the love artist


cooper lee

Oh wow, this reminds me of seeing you in P-town in 2001 and popping something in tin-foil down my gullet without thinking, washing it back with a long neck, dancing with the world's most gorgeous drag queens @ Kook, boxing with you on your back porch in the rain to the sound of foghorns bleating and horses sighing in the dark.

diving for rocks in the breakwater tide pools with your dog and a prehistoric horseshoe crab...

And even longer back, stumbling across you and the beautiful Bobby Heckler and another P-town man...who was that? Y'all were tripping in the sunshine on Long Point.

Can we meet in P-town someday and swim? I need that so badly....

the love artist

yes of course yes of course yes of course

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

the love artist

& by the way . . the other man who had imbibed the fairy tea w. me & bobby was the always elegant david cafiero . .

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