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July 12, 2008


ms bruno

I am an overnurter...and now I can safely say a love artist in training.
Many say I wear my heart upon my sleeve and speak straight from it.
Right now I am learning about doing this trying to decipher meaning from it.
I love so much unlike most other but similar to you, and in my heart I want to attract the trustworthy.

Love you,

ms bruno

Do you ever feel caught between Italian values loving with all your heart all the time and always being weary of others. My grandmother always tells me to love me more and never trust anyone fully. What about you?

the love artist

yes to loving you (me) more

no to not trusting . . .

the leakage is in not trusting yourself

& in not trusting that you are so loved by every fucking molecule that you can seem smell touch

& then if you are in trust your expansiveness is the ultimate bodyguard

(i mean this, it is not bullshit, but you must learn to feel it the rootedness, the tether to the center)

(practice really makes perfect)

the love artist

i have an italian grandma too but it was my mom who held back


what is mushy's uncle doing in that sock?
please advise.

the love artist

irst of all, i thought it was mushy himself

second of all, i was figuring you put him in that sock

please advise


Everytime I try to read this blog my eye is drawn back to the photo. Something about the light, the brownie and the bear. Throwing me back to a childhood not my own- I feel loved just looking at the photo.


thank you, that makes me feel good . . all mothers are flawed & i certainly was but i was pretty awake & one of my MOs as a mom was to be sure that my kids always knew i was there


no, mushy got lost in disney world.

the love artist

this is an old picture, IT IS MUSHY, mushy's uncles arms did not stick out sideways like that, they were more forward pointing . . i know IT IS MUSHY, not the first mushy but possibly the second . .

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