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August 10, 2008



what is that picture? they look like friendly, hauntingly wordless, floating jellyfish mushrooms keeping clovers as their hearts. x

the love artist

they are jellyfish . . no reason why except they kept me assured of the possibility of being free . . "hauntingly wordless" . . another possibility . . . xox

ms bruno

muscles that feel like bone, stress "dust" bunnies that inhabit my back.
I say, "simplify, simplify, breathe, smile" and "fuck it"(but in a good way).


the love artist

oh you can say fuck it in any sort of way & it helps . . sometimes pretending to be in total abandon leads to the real thing & there is nothing like being in that particular moment to loosen up the wiring . . i am the wanton harlot as often as possible by choice, tho it is important to not place this occupation in the "impossibly high standards" category . . love love love x tla


If only simplifying could be just a tad simpler.

the love artist

i know, i know, as i said above "impossibly high standards" can wreck almost anything . . i actually believe sometimes you can throw absolutely everything out & start over, i've seen it happen more times than i can remember . . . life actually IS short, see the Mayan calendar (re: 2012) . . i'm in much better mood today after clearing the decks me matey xx love you xx


my dear love artist- there are people and burdens and such that you willing took on and ones that perhaps leapt onto your shoulders? are you carrying people and things that you could put down? I know that's 'simplistic' but we're simplifying right? you are like a north star sometimes for me.

the love artist

if by "you" you mean "me" . . yes absolutely . . but i can't carry it anymore, i'm going mobile & loose & free . . & thank you for the north star commendation, it means the world to me, denise xxxxx


glad to hear that (mobile and free) I'm moving in that direction. haha.

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