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August 13, 2008


joe crow ryan

"Is it real?"
Ah, to be real....
The other questions of reality could be simple as, "Is it real compared to me?"
May we live 'til that point.
A friend wrote of four-months of a broken heart- ineffectual grief for a broken relationship.
I recommended she review the Honesty of both herself and her other.
Flush the unreality and the rest could be processed 'til peace returns.
Do we come to a point as a child where our heart attains a state of brokenness to which we mould our future?
I don't know but it might be so.

the love artist

flush the unreality seems like a lot of work when we could just take a moment to look at each other, really look at each other, like the irises of our eyes & the tiny hairs of our eyebrows

i know that doesn't seem like a solution to a broken heart but look how many years have been salvaged for broken hearts & nothing much made of it, i want those years back or at least no more lost time for me

i still believe that children want to love with a resilience & ferocity that we can learn from, even when tragic

at your service mr crow ryan xox tla

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