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August 18, 2008



as you no doubt understand at the deepest level, there are limitless layers of surrender, pockets and envelopes of surrender, and hidden veins of it, eluding discovery but craving it all the same. something about which I've learned a fair amount this summer, an age of unanticipated disability at Bar 9 Clough. Which is not to minimize the excruciating and divine release of sexual surrender. Indeed.

thank you for your words K.

the love artist

eluding discovery but craving it all the same

this is the thing about surrender, craving it is borderline pleasurable (at times) & horrifically painful (at times) . . anything else just wouldn't be a real interest in surrender & both actually are not surrender at all

that i think is why we crave it so much, we want to learn how to manuever that button, that release button

it gets easier but i think it's a different machination every time, in every situation: we might get better at it but we still need to find it again

but, forgive my ignorance, what is Bar 9 Clough?

love you lynn

joe crow ryan

When I grew up in Pennsylvania
In Two-Thousand-One and Two,
The body work I was given had me talking to the things and events lodged in the knots:
Their passage out replaced with new events.
You know this from your stiff neck, no?

Sexual surrender?
If I were only attacked!

the love artist

prayer, mr ryan, prayer & i am sure you shall receive . . .;)

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