yes, I will love you too


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September 19, 2008


wednesday f kennedy

oh i love that image of you smoothing yourself out in preparation
let us know when it arrives
love the tea ring:)

the love artist

thank you always, you oracle you

oh & it says tla not tea . . for the love artist . . .


I also thought it said tea....
so glad it says TLA!

I have a birthday gift en route as well!!!
Hope you enjoy it!

Having major heart"attacks" need to talk with you....
I'll e-mail you first.




I AM Avis

i thought i was looking at your tea finger too.
Nice bling anyway.
Happy Birthday.


Hey same day birthday sister.... Thinking of you as our big special shared birthday approaches...! I'm feeling good ... prepared ... saying thankyou as I say good bye to this birth year and all that has happened in it... And ready to welcome my next birth year.... always remembering that my real age is the eternal moment... Lol Louise xxxx

the love artist



the love artist

learning how to be loved

big time

not easy



Happy Birthday! 50 is fabulous and a wonderful (for me) paring away of nonessentials. I consider your blogs essential! Your hands are beautiful.


why mr kingsley, your devotion cannot be more brazenly declared!

that's some hot ghetto mess (of the most upmarket kind). i love it.
happy birthday kathe x x x
ps. i like the idea of a tea ring too. maybe we should wear ours the next time we take tea in the drawing room.

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